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pro audio subs in a hometheater

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currently building a home theater room in my basement L shaped room 530 sq ft. I have some pa equipment from my band days( 2- EV SH-1810L-ER Subs,Crown marco-tech 1200 power amp,Furman TX-3A crossover,soundcraft mixer)looking at incorporating in with my current av system for extra bass. av gear(NadT775HD,PSB fronts and surrounds,PSB stratus 15" sub.
going to build the bass bins into a Bar at the back of the viewing area with the grill area open to the room. worthwhile or waste of time??? would appreciate any help
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First of all - Welcome to AVS!

And secondly. Wow did you come to the right place! I think you'll get some great advice here. A lot of people are using pro-audio equipment in their theaters here. If you scan around a bit you'll see some great set-ups.

I'm not too familiar with the Furman TX-3A crossover, but I assume that it has 1/4" or XLR connections. You will need a way to go from RCA out of your receiver to the eq. Your mixer is probably your quick answer, but probably not the best one. I'm not sure to the output of your pre-amp sub out on your receiver, but you may need some sort of pre-amp (instead of your mixer) in the chain. The best way to tell is just grab an RCA to XLR cable and run it out of your receiver's sub out to your amp and see if that gets you the sound you are looking for.

EDIT: You may also not even need your crossover at all. Your receiver will have a crossover built in to the subwoofer pre-amp out. Usually 80Hz down (some are adjustable).

EDIT 2: Your crossover may act as a nice pre-amp for your signal chain.

Bottom line is - you have most of the needed equipment to test things out and see. That's the fun part of this DIY "game".

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would be great for music, but those subs wont reach as low as some movies sound tracks and effects go. maybe run the pro audio subs from 80 hz down to 35 then cross over to some nasty 18s that can dig down to single digit hz. cool.gifbiggrin.gif
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Absolutely, to use both types of woofers is my recommended configuration...The PA handles 200hz to 40hz and the car/HT subs handle <40hz.
That's what I do, and it works better than either on their own...
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I 100% agree that PA subs along with HT subs are the cats ass! You can get the best of all worlds!
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I found a few links or the EV sub, driver, and plans for an vented enclosure....




Won't get you into ULF territory for movies but might be close enough for "free".
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thanks do I need some kind of direct box to go from the rca on my receiver to the 1/4 " jack on the furman crossover??
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Originally Posted by brian6751 View Post

They have RCA to 1/4" adapters.


I would go that route and see how it goes.

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