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Need Help with Upgrade

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Hello all,

I currently use an Marantz SR4200 receiver. I am looking to upgrade and have found a few receivers in my price range. I am looking at an Onkyo TX-SR805, Pioneer VSX-1022-K and 1021-K and DENON AVR 2309CI. I am looking to spend under $300 for a used receiver. My biggest wants are DTS HD and 7.1 audio. I have a turntable and would like phono inputs, but right now I am using a separate pre-amp so that's not a major concern. I am not stuck on the above receivers so any input on other models would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Any current HDMI receiver will do DTS-HD. All those receivers you listed will do the trick.

What speakers do you have?

How big is the room?

What devices will you be connecting to the the receiver?

What kind of video outputs do the devices have?
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My front speakers are 2 way Marantz SP 2368's (6 1/2' Woofers). Cerwin Vega HT-CTR center channel. I've got a Yamaha YST-SW216 powered sub and Sony SS-MSP69SB surrounds. The room is a 12x22 with the TV on the 12' side.

I'll be connecting a PS3, Xbox 360, Technics SL-1200 MK2 Turntable and a Dish Network DVR box. All of these except the turntable of course will be HDMI. I'm really looking for advice on whats the better choice out of the price range up to around $300.
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