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8700ub for 11' throw?

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This is what I'm looking at:


Goes in living room, 12x12. There are windows but not concerning as the projector will only be used during the night.

Is this a good setup?
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Have you used a projector calc to figure out if the 8700 will be able to produce a 106" screen size? In reality it will be less than 11' throw since the 8700 is more than 12 inches from back to front of lens, and you need some room at the back to plug in the cables.

I suspect you will need to use a smaller screen size for this room, or choose a projector that had a shorter throw.
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any suggestion on which projector to go with for a shorter throw
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I don't know personally. If I were you I would take the names of the most common recent projectors mentioned in this forum, go to Projector Central ( www.projectorcentral.com ) and use their throw distance calc for each of those projectors to see what might work. If your room is truly just 12', I would use a 10.5' throw distance to start and see where that will get you.

Others may be able to offer more concrete suggestions on PJs with short throw distances.
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This is driving my crazy. I measured my room, its 13', so that should leave me 11' 6" for my throw. For the price and reviews, I'm not finding anything that can compete with the 8700 so I would like for that to work but don't want to blow the money if its not going to work.
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I just ran the calculator and at 11'6", looks like the 8700 will throw a 106" diagonal image (assuming that is 16:9 screen), with a bit of leeway. You will need to have your screen very close to the wall (ideally right on the wall).
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I don't get what I'm doing wrong. When I go to the calculator, I put in:

Epson 8700ub
Throw: 11' 6"

It gives me a screen size of 86" diagonal

What gives?
Where is 106" coming from?
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Have you tried adjusting the zoom slider? wink.gif

I get 106" screen (dia) At 10'-8" throw distance with the zoom ratio at 2.05:1

If I enter 11' throw and set the screen to 112" diagonal, the Zoom ratio works out at 2.11x

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Ahhh, very nice hahaha.

Ok. Sound good. Thank you so much.

Ok, so this is what I'm getting.

11' 6" throw
1.9x zoom
106" Screen

I read somewhere that when the zoom is at either end of the spectrum (all the way in or out), that it interferes with picture quality.
Is this true?

Would it be any better to do 1.8x zoom at 100"
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Also to note, it puts image brightness at 40FL. Have no idea if that is good/bad?
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What's your seating distance? (eyes to screen)


You should make sure your eyes can handle that large an image before buying a screen,

Many recommend projecting on a blank wall first, mark 106" out with masking tape at two opposite corners

(the calculator will give you screen width and height for any given diagonal , then just adjust zoom to fit between the masking tape markers

Next watch several movies, and adjust the size to suit your preference before choosing your screen.


Note the recommended seating distance in the calculator I posted reads 11'-5" to 18'.  


Not saying you're too close, only you will know for sure what you can handle without eyestrain or getting dizzy in fast action sequences.

I'm about 10' from a 120" screen with my Epson zoom almost maxed out, and it looks fantastic, check out my screen shots (link in my sig,)

I demo'd a 106" screen and a 112" at a 10' seating distance at a local Dealers HT store and it wasnt big enough. His 3rd room had a 120"

but the couch was set 14' away, I asked to move it 4' forward and watched Transformers and I was Sold on 120"!!!


Here's what I worked out for myself with the calculator (over 4 years ago)

My Epson is going on 5 years old now, 7000 hours+ and still as great as day 1 

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One more thing about screen size, not all manufacturers measure their screens by viewing area,

Sometimes they provide overall screen dimensions, once you take away an aprox 1.5" border your diagonal viewing area is reduced by about 4"-5"


So "some" screens listed as a 106" might actually be only 100"-102" viewing area, read the specs carefully.

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Ok, Seating Distance is approximately 10' 4"

Looks like that will work nicely according to the calculator

11' 6" Throw
1.8x Zoom
100" Screen

Recommended Seating: 10' 2" - 16'
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Based on the info posted in that link, That screen looks accurate for an actual 100" viewing area, (87" wide x 49" high)

Have you ever checked out a HT setup in person to see what your viewing angle tolerance is?


Viewing a scope movie (2.39:1 aspect ratio) at 87" wide from a 122" seating distance would put you at 1.4 screen widths

Which is very close to perfect for many people ,...about 7th row in the diagram below.


I'm at about the 5th row , just under 1:17 screen widths, with my 120"  screen that's actually about 102" wide viewing area (116" diagonal)

It's a little too much for some people, I have no issues with it at all, but I would never have known if I didn't test drive several setups first.




That's a killer package deal at Visual Apex! Jump on it before its gone.


Many people regret going too small with their first screen after a month or two, almost no one says "I went too big".

Remember a jump from 50-60 inch flat panel TV to 100" may seem like a HUGE step at first, but once your used to it, you may want 12" more.

The 106" screen would put you at happy medium 1.32, So if you think you can handle moving up 1 row it's cheaper to do it now.


Personally, knowing my tolerance level after 4+ years with my current setup, I'd totally max it out and

go with a 112" dia screen (1.257)  and be right at the SMPTE reference mark with a 43.4º viewing angle.

But that's just me.


Oh, and dont worry about the brightness on the Calculator, it will be about half that (or less) in a calibrated movie/theater mode,

it's easier to dial down a bright image than it is to crank up a dim projector and still maintain image quality/contrast.


I always check out the Art's PJ reviews here when researching info ... http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/home-cinema-8700ub/index.php

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Great info, thank you for that.

However, I just observed a new issue.

The only place I can really put this is in my living room, which creates 2 problems.

1: There is a ceiling fan, won't this be in the way of the projector?

2: The projector, if mounted on the ceiling, will be mounted right in from of the living room windows, not seeing WAF there at all.

I can't see any other way of putting the projector up because the couch is all the way against the back wall, so there is no way to set the projector up on a table.

So this is what might have to happen. I have an office thats kind of small

Throw would be 9.5 and viewing distance would be 10'

This would allow a 92" screen. I wonder if its worth it if I can only go 92"
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