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Unique home theatre seating?

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Hey all. A while ago, while lurking in threads, i ran across a link to a real unique home theatre seating company. They had a variety of chaise lounges mixed with chairs. Real unique stuff. Anyways, i can't find the thread or the company via google. If anyone could provide a link or a link to any other companies with unique design ideas, i would appreciate it.
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Nobody? I'm pretty sure i ran across it in a theatre build thread but have not been able to find the thread or link. The company makes different colored home theatre seating integrating large chaise lounges surrounded by recliners among other designs.
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Thanks, but no luck. I can't believe i can't find them on a google search. I've tried about every word combo i can. Note to self "save to favorites"
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Sorry. you might try to Draw a picture of it and people may understand better what it is you ar looking for.

Good luck!
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Could it be:

They show the combinations you describe in the gallery.
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Thanks again but no luck. I can remember a few things. There was a combination 2 chaise surrounded by 2 recliners. There were also other funky designs and color combinations. Most of them were NOT leather if i remember correctly and the pricing was quite high. I'm also almost positive it was a link in the dedicated theatre build thread. I might repost this in that thread. I just thought it was a better fit here. I have no idea where this company was located but i find it unreal i can't find them through google searches. I spent at least 2 hours solely on searching home theatre seating companies and no luck.
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Its got to be BASSIND. they are the most creative design HT company I have seen.

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Thanks but that is not it either. However, some of those pieces are kind of what i'm looking for. Thanks for the link
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Let me know if you find it. I also have somewhat eclectic furniture tastes and am about to buy Bassind chairs for my HT. I initially thought up REALLY creative HT seats with no traditional chairs at all - BASSIND like sofas and ottomans and swivel recliners. But I realized that you compromise comfort. So I have created a hybrid design wherein the first row will be 5 traditional HT seats and the second row will be raised with 4 swivel recliners from bassind. behind the second row is a pool table. the swivel will allow the second row to watch movies or serve as raised pool table recliners.
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That's the link but win the lottery before contacting them. I guess i won't be getting them.
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