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WD-73842 Image Question

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When using the tv as a monitor I noticed some very slight bowing in the top corners is there an easy way to fix that or would playing around with a subtle problem cause it to become more pronounced?
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I'd like to hear more about how well this set works as a monitor as I'm interested in this TV and have an HTPC hooked up.

While we're waiting for someone else to reply, is the overscan pretty bad as I've seen a few people complain?
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I am still playing around with the settings and going to try playing with 3D on it as well. Not a bad picture at all better then a wd-65731 picture. There is overscan with this tv but nothing that can't be fixed though through nvidia, intel, or amd control panels. I tried editing the nvidia display .inf file which is what I had to do for my previous tv a samsung LN52A650. It had no effect so I just adjusted it through the nvidia control panel. I have had overscan issues on all video card types and all tv types and even some pc monitors. I find it more of an inconvenience then an issue as I have to reset it every time I do a new driver install. As with my samsung eventually I did not have to do it anymore as it was fixed in a driver revision and the same might be true for this tv.
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There are some pretty detailed instructions on how to adjust geometry on these sets here on the forums. I tried to do a search, but the search function doesn't work very well since AVS switched over to the new format. Maybe someone else knows where the info is.
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I am not sure if I will even be able to get the image perfect. It looks like I will need to do more then just moving it horizontal or vertical. At the top I have bowing and at the bottom it seems that the image on one side is lined up perfectly with the edge of the viewable image but as you follow it along the edge the image starts to form a black wedge between it and the frame.
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The bowing that you're describing is adjusted out using geometry correction. You access it through the service menu. My set is fine but some people have trouble adjusting it out on their sets. Keep looking, the instructions are posted somewhere here in the rear projection forums.
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I thought about that too with the geometry. Upon looking into it further I notice this issue with the image is only on my pc input. With my xbox(media center extender) I do not see an image position issue. With the pc along the bottom from left to right looking at the tv there is a black wedge going across and it increases in size as you shift from one side to the other. On the xbox image there is no such issue occurring. Seeing that makes me not want to adjust the geometry just for the pc input and mess up the whole image for all inputs. Is there a way I can adjust this just on the pc or is it just something I will have to live with?
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Your PC may be able to be adjusted, but most picture adjustments that I have seen were made with controls on the monitor itself.
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