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On screen menu

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Just bought the sc-61 and started hooking it up today and was wondering how to get the it to show on the tv what input I'm changing to and the volume,etc. ? I believe when I bought his receiver and I told the salesman that all my equipment was in a solid cabinet that's when he told me it would show on the tv so not to worry.
Thanks for the help and this is my first post !!!!!!
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Some googling leads me to conclude it does not have an OSD (on screen display) over HDMI.


First post here says this about the whole line.
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According to Pioneers website it does -

"Full-Color On-Screen Graphical User Interface
All of the SC-61's advanced control and connectivity options are made even better with a full-color user interface via HDMI on your connected TV. Effortlessly navigate through the SC-61's menu and enjoy iTunes album art from a connected Apple device. This is one well-rounded AV receiver."

How exactly do you have everything connected to your SC-61?
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I think those are two different things. The on screen user interface would be for navigating settings, naming sources, setting speaker levels, etc. The on-screen display of volume levels and selected source is different. It looks like he found the same answer in the dedicated thread for this AVR.
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Yeah if I plug my iPod it shows on my screen ( which I'm scared of burn in) but as far as inputs and stuff when I change settings and stuff like that it doesn't show me on the screen which I thought it would because my stuff is in a cabinet with solid doors. Thanks for the responses everyone !

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