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patch panel ideas (blank) for a ~14" levetron enclourse

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I would appreciate some help. I recently built a home, ~3 years ago, an installed a levetron structured media enclosure in a closet. I'm just getting around to wiring it. The enclosure measures ~14" across. I'm looking for a blank patch panel that fits my enclosure. All of the patch panels I have found on the internet seem to be 19" which obviously doesn't work for my situation. I've done a pretty exhaustive search but I seem to be missing something.

A secondary question....

I intend to use the blank patch panel to fit with F connectors to feed video to the different rooms in my home. My current setup is a HD receiver in the living room with SD receiver in my bedroom. The receivers operate independently of one another (I can watch separate broadcast in each room). I have recently upgraded to the TV in the bedroom to HD and will soon be upgrading my receiver to HD as well. What kind of multi-switch will I need to feed 7 rooms with 2-3 different receptions which will allow for some expansion in the future.

Thanks for the help!

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There are modules by Leviton specifically designed for use in the wiring panels. They have a coax distribution amp / splitter that is what you need - I'm surprised there's not one in there already??? Look at the "Structured Media" components on Leviton's website for details:


But your second question is a completely different one. You're not going to be able to distribute HD signals from a single set-top box over coax to other TVs without some expensive (ZeeVee boxes start at $750+) equipment. There is no "multi-switch" that works in this manner. The set-top boxes are decrypting and decoding each channel and the only HD output will be from component or HDMI.

Now, you can put HD receivers at each HD set, and use another set-top box to distribute an SD signal over coax to the non-HD sets for <$100. A ChannelPlus modulator (or similar) and a remote control solution can do that pretty well, and is a decent solution for non-HD displays.

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