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Ok i have read, read, and read some more before i came here to post and im sure i made i mistake with my purchases. i purchased a zx200.4 kicker amp thats:
35watts x 4 at 4ohms
50watts x 4 at 2ohms
100watts x 2 at 4 ohms.

i bought a pair of kicker ds650's rated at 50watts rms each at 4ohms and a pair of ds650.2's rated at 60watts rms each at 4ohm.

now i see the 4 channel amp only puts out 35watts rms at 4ohms. thats not really good enough to run those speakers?

i must mention the speakers are single coil.

should i have gone with a kicker zx350.4? i know that one puts out 60watts rms ar 4ohms.

Im sure i know the answer but i would like some advice from some of you with more knowledge on car audio. thanks!