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Building a small 2.1 system

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I'm willing to build a small audio system. It's mainly for enjoying FLAC audio in my room (about 7 x 15 feet or 230 x 460 cm).

Requirements (subject to changes):
  • Channels: 2.1
  • Audio power: 50W

I'm considering the following architecture:

Here's my questions:

1) Is this a good setup? Is it a overkill for just 50W? What do you suggest? Simply a receiver?

2) What brands and models do you suggest?
  1. receiver
  2. preamplifier
  3. amplifier
  4. loudspeakers
  5. cables and other parts

3) Roughly, how much a setup like that (or like your suggestion) would cost?

Unanticipated concerns
4) What are the most important technical details I'll have to pay attention to?
(eg. impedance has to match between the subsystems, loudspeaker has to support x% more power than the amplifier, etc)

If I said something wrong, irrelevant or simply forgot about important things, please pardon my ignorance. I'm completely new in this subject. Thanks in advance!
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To playback Hi-Res audio, you certainly want quality components. I don't know about 50w though. I suppose there are small tube amps of that size. In SS amps most likely you'll find 100w.

I also play Flac, AIFF audio. I use a Parasound P7 analogue pre-amp(its a 7 channel) It has analogue BM and a Parasound 220w power amp or my HK Citation 19 100w amp. The thing about those amps is at low volume, its pure Class A amplification.

You can certainly look for vintage audio gear, get more for less. HK Citation series are good values, For current amps Parasound Halo series are very good.

As for power, it always better to have more than less. More speakers are damaged by under powered amps, thus causing distortion, than by higher powered amps.
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Thanks for your reply. I forgot a crucial point, the budget! It's $500 only. Maybe a bit more. Thus I have ruled out the setup I proposed and I'm considering other designs.

Which design choice would you pick (picture below), considering:

$500 USD

Listening to FLAC audio in my room

Room size
7 x 15 feet (230 x 460 cm)

Audio power

My desktop computer

If, for a bit more budget (or a bit more than a bit tongue.gif) you would pick other design choice not restricted to $500, please post a reply explaining why it would be a better choice.

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So here's the definition:

Schiit Modi $99.00
Topping TP60 $210.00
Mordaunt-Short - Aviano 2 $399.00
TOTAL $708.00

I think the part that brings more discussion is the speaker choice. Please feel free to make your suggestions. Budget is locked at $700 now.
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