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So...can you imagine my frustration when googling "speakers for the dock" (ipod docks abound...waterproof ones too)

I'm looking for a decent (but not too high end) pair of waterproof speakers I can put out on my (wooden) dock in the summertime. I have outdoor speakers already but don't want to run speaker wire all the way to the dock, which is 100 feet beyond the house over there a set of speakers that will tackle this job or am I just asking too much?! I do have electric on the dock. I could plug an ipod/dock set in but don't really want my ipod on the dock, and I don't care about changing the music when I'm out there.
If there was an amplifier/transmitter that I could plug in and hook up to existing speaker wire I think I'd be all set with a mounted pair of wireless waterproof speakers.

Thanks anyone for your input, there's got to be someone else out there doing this!