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Troubleshooting my Klipsch RC64II center channel

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Need some advice cause I've tried multiways to get this to work, need some help.
I recently set up this weekend a klipsch reference series RF-7 II's with a center RC-64 II all connected to a Marantz SR7007. The RF-7 II's sound very clear, mids nice, and bass hits well even without Audessey calibration. My RC-64II center sounds quite different. It is working...the sound test tones come through. But before and even after 2 Audessey calibrations the sound coming from the center sounds like all dialogs are muted...echoed...kinda like people are talking through a big coffee can. I thought the audessy chirps were not as loud as the L/Rs, noticeably sounded less crisp.
I've researched the RF-7 II's and many other speakers at multiple locations, but I must admit I have not done my due diligence on the center. I went with it based off 1) its a recommended center with RF-7ii by klipsch and 2) everyone speaks very highly of it in this forum and on pretty much any online sales site I have seen. Based off everyone saying its amazing, crisp, clear, powerful....I'm definitely thinking something is wrong (my fiance definitely thinks its bad).
Where to start with my trouble shooting: turned up and down the dialog, volume, going to it, with and without auddessy, messed with the treble, bass. I havent messed with the EQ yet, but I didnt think that would affect this muted echo. It seems to be solely voices that sound abosuletly fake, low volumes and high sound wierd. If I turn off the center, everything sounds crisp and beautiful. Need help, I'd like to trouble shoot it first to confirm its working properly before I explore sending it back. I noticed another older thread that had a similar experience with a klipsch RC35 I believe. When I put my ear very close up to it I cant hear anything coming from the center horn....hard to tell. But when I put my ear up to my RF7IIs I can definitely hear the horn. So perhaps the cross over is messed, or the tweeter?? My notes on auddessey is below:

Location: speaker is placed on top of my entertainment stand, roughly ear level to where my couch is, around 9-10ft back. I placed my Samsung UN55C9000 directly on top of the RC64II (for now....until I can mount the TV).

Distance: 10.6ft. (same as L/Rs). Almost perfect analysis.
Volume for L/Rs was -6.5dB and center was +5dB. (isnt that high for the center indicating its lacking of output?)
The rest of the details I'll have to check....this is all based off memory cause Im work now.

many thanks in advance on any advice.
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Could always try hooking the RC-64 up to the left / right channel and see if it still sounds dodgy.
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Thanks, good rec. Will give it a go.
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It's the simple things. I once watched a movie where the left surround wasn't working and I noticed it half way through. 10:00pm I was unhooking speakers and testing connections until my wife suggested we pop in another movie. Sure enough it was the original movie soundtrack that was messed up.
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Originally Posted by DrMJ View Post

Volume for L/Rs was -6.5dB and center was +5dB. (isnt that high for the center indicating its lacking of output?)

This doesn't sound correct. The RC-64II is rated at 99 dB Sensitivity and the RF-7IIs at 101 dB so if they are approximately the same distance from your LP there may be a 3 to 6 dB difference in the gain but you have 11 dB difference that makes me think either: 1) The jumper between the +/+ and -/- is not in place on the RC-64II or 2) a wire has come lose inside the speaker.
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Thanks Zen Traveler. Thats exactly what Ryan at Klipsch technical support said. Maybe my gold bridge has come loose, or I just did a slop job on the banana plug rendering my tweeter to be "off". As soon as I get home will check. If not the tweeter is shot. Will update soon.
Thanks to all that have replied so fast. Love this forum. I've been an avid reader over the holidays.

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Everyone was right. The tweeter was out. Seems there was an abnormal kink/bend in one of the gold bridge posts on the back of the center channel. The bend rendered the bridge to not touch the top post even though from gross examination from above, the posts look connected with associated bananas. Probably why I missed it last night when I installed everything. Bending the bridge to a better alignment fixed the problem. The tweeter immediately came on. Reran audessey and it sounds much much better. damn. Specs make better sense. Front L//R both at -7.0dB and center is now at -9.5dB. Major change. Noticed it right away by the chirps. Man, my head is still ringing. Now I can finish the BCS championship football game with proper audio. An embarrasing mistake, but in all fairness I think the back connectors on the klipsch reference series speakers and associated bridges could be built a bit more sturdy. The bridge connection is very clumsy in my opinion. Of course overall the speakers are amazing, veneer looks slick and metallic drivers look nice....just expect a bit more on the connecting posts. All in all Im now very impressed with the sound. Once I get my surrounds and sub on my next wave of purchases this place is gonna be off the charts amazing.

I appreciate Mike Embers help on the phone today at Acoustic sound design and Ryan at Klipsch. They immediately knew the problem and called it out with ease. Will post a review of the products soon. Acoustic sound designs is the place to go everyone. Great customer service.
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