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Help CPU automatically restarts itself....

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Eventually, when I get my cable card, I do plan to keep my htpc on all the time, but for right now, I would like to turn it off. Within the last hour I realized that everytime I turn my cpu off, it powers right back up again in about 8 seconds. Prior to this, I downloard plex off of Assassin Guides and I physically change the location of my CPU in my home theatre setup. Prior to coming to AVS, I did do a quick google search on this and there was a mention that perhaps it turns on when it senses a LAN connection and I would have to configure this in the BIOS. Since this never happened before, I poo pooed this explanation, but sure enough when I unplugged my LAN, and powered off the system, it never came back on. So is this an hardware issue or software. Did I destroy something in the CPU when I moved it, I have not been in the bios since so I can see how I configured the CPU to power up when I a LAN is discovered.

I look forward to your tips and advice.
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I had a problem similar to this with a gigabyte mini-itx board. Problem turned out to be an obscure option in the BIOS that automatically restarts the computer on loss of power. The manual wasn't much help, and I ended up blowing a good part of my Saturday going through the BIOS until I found the culprit.
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Check your wake on lan settings magic packets etc. Should be able to make it sleep properly from there.
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This may very well be the case, but how would this happen all by itself. I have had this CPU for about a month and this problem only happened after I downloaded plex and I moved my CPU. Can something change the BIOS, without going in the bios.
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All I know is that I had no sleep issues with my PC until I had shared a folder with another computer on my network and then all of a sudden it would wake it self up. So I'm thinking that what ever your using plex on is polling the network and waking your PC. The settings for this are accessed in windows under your network adaptor you should be able to nail it down there
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