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Best 2 Channel in DFW

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Good Day-

can you guys suggest the best 2 channel dealers/retailers in the Dallas / Ft Worth TX areas?
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Hands down - the best. The rest include HiEnd in Plano, kcaudio.com, maybe MODIA.

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The Best Buy at 75 and Park Lane has a real Magnolia store in it.
Very nice gear in there and the Magnolia crew are real cool.
I highly recommend giving it a look.
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I hope Dallas is better than Houston...its pretty bad down here. In home demo over the internet seems to be the best way to demo gear now.
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Frys Electronics In plano. They have Klipsch!

I kid, I kid!!!!
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Bumping an old thread...hell just frost over - the best buy at the galleria in Houston has a huge tricked out magnolia now with McIntosh, JVC, OPPO, B&W (15k stuff), Sonus Faber, etc etc - its unbelievable to see it all on the floor ready to go (5 rooms+)

I bought an oppo 105 there just to support them.
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