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Video files for stress testing HTPC?

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I have used prime95 before to test out CPUs but I haven't messed around with video testing that much. Is there a video file or a tool I could used to stress out an HTPC? I have heard people talking about dropped frames and such but I am not sure if they are using some video benchmarking software or what the deal is. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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Stress test (e.g. FurMark) = stability at load. In most cases dropped frames have nothing to do with stability, they occur because of a bad software configuration or lack of enough GPU (and/or CPU) hardware to execute a video playback algorithm.
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When I want to test my heatsink I usually just do some AVC encoding. HandBrake will use every bit of every thread you allow it to. I've never been a fan of artificial benchmarks.
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I guess what I am looking for is a a video file that I can run in a loop or something that is graphically intense. I will probably be running 1080 mkv files, maybe blu-ray images, just about everything short of 3D. Looking for some intense video files that will push everything to the limit. I kinda wanna do some real world testing to see what kind of temps I will be getting on the CPU and GPU. Also if the fans start screaming while they throttle up I will have to see about changing cooling methods. Not sure I will doing a whole lot of encoding though
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Every video file is pretty easy to play back (with a proper hardware decoder and modest post-processing). It's not a video file but post-processing algorithm that can be CPU and/or GPU intense.

For example, pick up any 1080 movie in mkv and play it with

- madVR Jinc4+AR in chroma upscaling / Jinc4+AR in image upscaling
- MPC-HC: Video Frame > Double (so 2Kx1K video will be upscaled 4Kx2K with Jinc4+AR upscaling algorithm, irrespective of the actual display resolution)
- Add SVP (smooth video project) Level 5g if you want stress to CPU at the same time.

OK, this is perhaps an "unreal" world test for most people. "Real" depends on the algorithm you actually use and the algorithm you want to use depends on your hardware (i.e. the algorithm your hardware can execute without dropped frames).

Personally I would just run Prime95 and FurMark simultaneously (that will load CPU and GPU to max) and see what CPU / GPU temperature / fan noises I would get.
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Have a look at AIDA64 Extreme Edition. It has a system stress test mode which can simultaneously load both the CPU and GPU as well as other components while monitoring and recording system stats. There is a 30-day trial which you can download and use to stress test a new build. I found when running Prime95 and Furmark together the CPU or GPU ended up being the limiting factor, which meant the other was not fully loaded (which is more likely to be the actual situation that occurs).
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I use OCCT, it will stress both CPU and GPU at the same time.

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