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Samsara & Timescapes - Other than these 2, are there any 4K Blurays around? Thx.
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Originally Posted by Richard Paul View Post

It states that the discs have "expanded color" and that could mean one of the two things. Sony is either going overboard with their description or they are going to use some kind of backward compatible color space such as xvYCC.

Originally Posted by Richard Paul View Post

A backward compatible color space can be used by putting data into the area that is below and above the data range normally used with a video signal. That is how xvYCC works and here is a link to a Sony website that describes it. Sony hasn't released any more information about "Mastered in 4K" so at the moment it is just a theory.

I'm new to this and don't have any 4K hardware that would benefit from the new colorspace nor the upscaling algorithm.
But a non-4K consumer, would these discs be displayed in proper non-xvYCC colorspaces like the reset of my blu-ray movies?

I'll buy into the "Superbit BD" series (and not look at it as native 4K).
The higher bitrates would more than satisfy my purchasing needs. Especially if these have been mastered quite well over their preceding releases.
The last time I watched Ghostbusters was on VHS. I've been always too cautious to go out and buy every version of the movie on DVD/HDDVD/BD, etc.

On my YCbCr-only devices, would these be displayed a proper YCbCr? Or would the colorspace be ruined due to not having any xvYCC capabilities?

I'm curious if the blu-ray (h264/avc) specs allow xvYCC in the first place.
Which leads me to suspect that if the whole disc itself is really just YCbCr and the hardware does all the fancy xvYCC conversion processing.

If I rip the movie from these xvYCC 4K Masters onto my computer, would I need specialized codecs to convert them to other formats to get the colorspace right?

Has anyone ripped a disc to their computer to fully dissect the video specs?

There's so much to demystify about this new series with its new colorspace.
I only hear reviews of people using it on xvYCC-compatible devices and the proper calibrations.
Nothing about non-xvYCC consumers.

I would love the Superbit variations of BD and think a lot of future movies should be released likewise.

Thanks for the link to Sony's specs on the xvYCC, been meaning to ask them about some sort of documentation.
But it's still baffling to me if it's entirely "backwards compatible" for non-4k/non-xvYCC consumers like me and the rest of the entire human population.

Also, looking forward to a new version of The Fifth Element. If it does turn out these 4K's are perfect for my bit-greedy needs, then I'll be throwing a Multipass party. biggrin.gif
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