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HELP! Denon AVR 1913 Won't Turn On

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AV Novice here and hoping that I have an issue that someone here is familiar with....

I've had my AVR 1913 for just a few months now with no issues. Recently the receiver will not turn on (via remote or front power button). To resolve I have to unplug the receiver and plug it back in...I hear a switch inside and seems to reset itself. After doing this I am able to turn it on via remote (or front power button). I've then tested it by turning it off and on several times to see if the issue is resolved and it reponds and turns off and on (seems like the problem is fixed). But if I leave it on for a little while and then turn it off (via remote) it will not turn back on. As a result I need to go through the whole process of unplugging it to "reset it"

The other thing that I noticed (which I'm not sure is normal) is when I plug it back in and turn it on - the green Power button flashes several times and you can hear clicking/switching inside the unit.

Appreciate any help/expertise to help resolve!!!

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Does it have plenty of ventilation? I have a 1913 and I've had it do the thing where I couldn't get it come on and I had to unplug and replug back in and then it worked fine and I chalked it up to overheating.
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Did anyone call Denon support?
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Mysteriously it has now begun to work (ie - turns on via remote and/or front power button). I'm pretty positive it wasn't an over-heating issue since there would be extended periods of time when it was not used and I would randomly test it and it wouldn't turn on. So it wasn't a situation where it had been used extensively and then the next time it didn't turn on.

Another member on the board suggested connecting it to ethernet and get the newest firmware upgrade - he was under the impression there was a patch that was fairly recent that would fix this issue. But before attempting that fix it started powering up without issue. So again, no clue what caused it or how it even corrected itself.

Thx for responding though...appreciate the insight from others who know a lot more than me!
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