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Originally Posted by toshane View Post

Did you notice any rainbow effect? thanks

I've used it 6 full weekends, 4-5 movies per weekend, so far (~70hrs). Here is my summary

Rainbows : None
3D Flicker : None
3D Eye strain : yes, it's there. But my eyes are slowly getting used to it. I don't feel that much now as I did on my first 3D movie.
Fan noise : none. Just a whooshing sound ejecting warm (not HOT) air.
HDMI reception : seems like this PJ is finicky about signal quality. You need good quality cables.

Overall, I am happy with it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will run for atleast 2K+ hours (4-5 yrs for me at my rate of watching) without any issue.
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Originally Posted by toshane View Post

Did you notice any rainbow effect? thanks

Remember that very few people can see the rainbow effect.
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Can't find this projector anywhere, newegg and even amazon is out of stock! To the people who got this for 629, you're very lucky. I doubt it will be found for anything less than 800 when it comes back in stock. Anyhow, are there any upcoming projectors (3d 1080p) for under 1k that are coming out soon that may be even better than this? This Acer is tough to beat at it's 800.00 price point. The ben Q is nice but lacks the 2d to 3d conversion and is $200 more expensive.
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Out of stock everywhere, seems to be in shortage. Wondering why?
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Originally Posted by toshane View Post

Did you notice any rainbow effect? thanks

I have noticed Zero Rainbow effect.
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He just said he didn't see any rainbow effect. How can that be bad?
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Hi, I buy it two weeks ago and I see rainbow effect everywhere especially in dark films. I was torn between buying h6510bd and benq w1070 and finally buy the acer. Before I buy it i dont know what was the rainbow effect. frown.gif
After buying it I realized that although the speed of the wheel was the same (7200rpm), the acer was 2x (Because of RGBCMY) and the benq was 4x (RGBRGB). Do you know if i could put a wheel RGBRGB in the acer?

In addition, Acer has come out the p1500 cheaper tan h6510bd, I think is the same as the h6510bd but without a hdmi input, component input and without nvidia 3DPlay:

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It does have hdmi and component. but it's clearly advertised as a business projector. If you are seeing rainbows everywhere, maybe dlp is not for you.
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Hello my first post here,

I need help from someone that uses 3DTV Play with this projector.

I am considering 3x Acer H6510BD Projector to use in 3d and 2d gaming.I have 4 way-SLI of Nvidia Geforce Gtx580.

If i understand correct,i will be able to use these projectors:

1280x720 48 hz per eye 3D Vision 3840x720 @48 hz 3D Vision Surround(Since its 96 hz at 3D)
1920x1080 24 hz per eye 3D Vision 5760x1080@24 hz 3D Vision Surround
1920x1080 60 hz at 2D Gaming 5760x1080@60 hz 2D Surround

Are these correct or it works with 120 hz at 1280x720 res at 3DTV Play?

I read Benq w1070 is also 3DTV play compatible and it works at 144 hz.Does it mean it will work at 72 hz per eye at 3D Vision or it works at 120 hz(60 hz per eye) at 3DTV Play like 3dVision compatible monitors?

Its stated that it need 3DTV Play software and must be connected with HDMI output in order to use it in 3D Vision.

At Nvidia 3D Vision Surround System Requirements page,only DVI output can be used for 3D Vision Surround at GTX580.


Will i need to use 3 DVI to HDMI adapters or cables in order to use 3D Vision Surround or
Can i plug them to 3 mini HDMI Ports(my cards have 1 mini-hdmi port) 3DTV Play software will work fine?

Is there a possibility that 3D Vision Surround will not work even with DVI-HDMI adapters?

Thanks in advance
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Man, I got a headache reading that last post abut the 3D frequencies! Can't help you there, I dont even understand what you're saying.
But seriously, where the hell are these projectors? they're like an old legend by now. Why the hell does it take so long to re-stock the inventory, Are Santa Claus' elves making them or what? I've been waiting for 6 weeks. Ridiculous!
I hope they are worth the wait (...seems like they are)
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In stock at Newegg and also on Amazon from a 3rd party seller (for less).
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$720 @ Newegg
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I asked some of my questions at an nv forum so i can simplify my questions a bit.

This projector works in 3DTV play at :

1280x720 96 hz or 120 hz(48 hz per eye or 60 hz per eye) ?
1920x1080 48 hz(24 hz per eye)

At 2D,it works at 1920x1080 60 hz.

Can anyone that own this pj clarify these refresh rates?
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I am starting to look at this projector as a contender for an upgrade from an sd projector to full 1080p with 3d... Would anyone be able to tell me how this stacks up to an Optoma hd25? I know there is a $140-$150 price difference, does that really matter if the HD25 is better or would people say that the Acer is a better bang for the buck? TIA
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Originally Posted by biliam1982 View Post

$720 @ Newegg

Amazon still shows 3 left at $770 though. Probably won't last the day smile.gif
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Per the search function, some people have this ceiling mounted. Has anyone had issues with the keystone adjustments? The lense would sit just above the screen in my proposed setup.
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Back in stock at the egg for 7 bills.
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$629 w promo code
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Originally Posted by accordex View Post

$629 w promo code
sold out
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I'm really bummed out about missing that deal on Newegg. I've been wanting to get a projector for a while now and have been researching the crap out of this and the BenQ W1070. Ultimately it came down to the Acer for the price, It just couldn't be beat. I'm really excited to be a proud owner of this projector, being my 1st projector I've ever owned. The reviews were just outstanding by everyone. We do movie nights out in the backyard (borrowing friend's BenQ SP920P DLP from his church - it's pretty old and has horrendous contrast/darkness). Excited to see the difference. It's a lot of fun to get a group of friends together for a movie night in the summer time! Didn't necessarily get it for the 3D, but it's an added bonus & already caught myself ordering a pair of glasses on amazon to try it out (Got the SainSonic SSZ-200DLW - White glasses to match the projector). Curious to see the difference compared to my 3D 60" Panasonic Plasma. Will let you guys know when I get it fired up, should be coming this week!
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I finally got it two days a go and I love it, way better than the optoma gt750e I tested before. I'm glad I was still under the return period, when these babies came back in stock.

I have a problem though. I have this projector connected through an Onkyo receiver. All the signals are passed perfectly, I have a U-Verse box, an apple tv and a PS3 connected. I change the source in the receiver, the projector picks it up after 3 seconds, no problem.
But last night, I was going to test the 3D with the Ps3, and I found out that the playstation won't recognize the display as being 3D capable. I changed the settings in the receiver (which is brand new, and it is 3D compatible), I made it pass the signal through, so there should be no conversion at all in the signal. But no matter what I did, the PS3 would never find the display to be 3D (I ran the display settings, chose HDMI, select Auto, found the 1080p as max resolution, as that's it, no questions about 3D).
I did this before with the gt750e, and the PS3 recognized it perfectly, so I know it is not the cable (I am using the exact same one). But the most confusing part is that if I unplug the HDMI that's coming from the projector to the receiver, and plug it in, straight into the PS3, I get No Signal frown.gif I connected it to the Apple TV and also, no signal, but if I connect it straight to the Cable box, it works and displays the signal!
Very strange, I don't know what could be wrong. I am going to try later tonight and connect the apple tv with a shorter cable (since it is easier to put that one up at the projector level) and see if it picks it up.
So those are my problems. Any idea what could be happening?
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I found this in the Benq thread. Maybe it will help:

"Seems I recall you had to run through the ps3 initial setup again after connecting a new 3d capable device. The initial setup connection just remembers the older tv connected. You might try that. https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2125"
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You are going from a 720p projector to a 1080p one, it is possible that your cable is the culprit.

For your PS3 I had to turn mine off and back on to get it to detect 3d after setting up the receiver correctly.
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Just tried to Mount this tonight... my universal mount came with 2 types of screws... neither fits...so I had to go to Fred Meyer and got the dimensions the manual lists...type b 3x25 mm...closest I could find was 1"... 25 mm is .9+ inch...Wayyy to long... goes in a few turns then stops with a ton of space to go leaving a gap in the Mount bracket and the screw...can anyone tell me what exact size screw I can get tomorrow at home depot? Shouldn't a universal mount come with every type of screw possible?
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This projector's specs state projection method as front/rear/ceiling.

Does this mean that if i install this as a rear projector,i can flip the image with projector's osd/setup or i need other hardware to do rear projection?

I will use this in a pc.
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Well, mine finally arrived and I've hooked it up to my 3D Blu-ray player and DISH DVR. I don't know if my PJ's 3D function is bad or not.

I can watch my old 3D field-sequential 3D DVDs on my Blu-ray player and the 3D works fine.
I can watch regular movies on the DVR in "2D to 3D" mode and it works fine.
Likewise, I can switch to "2D to 3D" mode while looking at my 3D Blu-ray player's menu and it works fine.
But when I start playing a 3D Blu-ray, I get about 3 seconds of 3D, then no 3D at all. Just a double-image and the white flashes aren't being blocked by my glasses anymore.
(like my 3D DLP-Link glasses are losing the 3D signal, but I know they aren't since "2D to 3D" works fine)
I've tried switching thru all the 3D formats (Frame Packing, etc) but no luck. Only a few seconds of 3D, then none.
When a 3D Blu-ray starts playing, I notice in the top-right corner the kHz change from 43kHz to 97kHz (???).

I'm hoping it's just an incompatibility issue with my ViewSonic PGD-150 3D DLP-Link glasses I was using with my ViewSonic Pro8500 PJ.
I've ordered 2 pair of the SainSonic 3D Glasses, but they won't be here for another week or so.
Has anyone else been able to use their PGD-150 glasses (or even the PGD-250) to watch 3D Blu-rays on this PJ?
Am I missing something? confused.gif

Man, I really hope I don't have a bad unit.
I'm not "tech savvy" enough to figure this out by myself.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi all,

jnabq suggested I might have more luck getting an answer to my question here than in its own thread.

I'm wondering if it's possible to display 480i/480p or analog composite video unscaled on the H6510BD? That is, so that the picture occupies just the center 720 x 480 pixels or so of the 1920 x 1080 native resolution? I'm concerned that upscaled SD video going to look blurry given that I'll be sitting relatively close to the screen. Optical zoom out isn't an option due to the layout of my room, the projector will already be fully zoomed in

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Originally Posted by 3D Guy View Post

I've tried switching thru all the 3D formats (Frame Packing, etc) but no luck. Only a few seconds of 3D, then none.
When a 3D Blu-ray starts playing, I notice in the top-right corner the kHz change from 43kHz to 97kHz (???).

Any help would be appreciated.

do your glasses support 144hz? if not, wait for the new glasses (the new sainsonic work at 144hz) and you'll be ok wink.gif
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Hi Acer fans,

How have some of you gotten your PS3 and new H6510BD to display 3D correctly?

I just upgraded from the 5360 which did the 120hz 3D perfectly at 720p with my PS3 and VIP-Theatre.

I can get 3D to detect and display on the PS3, but when I'm testing with The Hobbit, character edges and parts of the sky are looking off.
I understand that the H6510BD is doing the 3D at 96hz, so I got the Sainsonic 96hz-144hz glasses that everyone likes, yet I'm not as thrilled with the quality coming out of the PS3 with this option. Something still looks off.

Can someone confirm what they are doing to get the PS3 and H650BD to display 3D properly? I'm guessing I'm missing something with the 24hz and the PS3?

Thanks to anyone's suggestions!biggrin.gif
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