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Are these speakers any good?

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I found these speakers on Craigslist.. Are they any good? Reasonably priced? I would be using them to watch tv, movies and music. Thanks!

Paradigm Cinema Home Theater Speakers 7.1

1 Cinema Center Speaker - Cinema 110C
1 pair of Front Speakers - Cinema 330
2 pairs of Surround Speakers (total 4) - Cinema ADP

== Total 7 speakers -- originally bought for 1150$!
==> Asking price = only 575$.
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Are they any good?
Paradigm's Cinema line is pretty basic, and these speakers are from a previous version, but they're probably decent-sounding speakers. (Reviews of the Cinema 330 package are positive.)
Reasonably priced?
IMO - and assuming they work well and are in very good, or better, cosmetic condition - $575 is a reasonable price for those 7 speakers. (The guy doesn't include a sub w/ the speakers.) Note that the Cinema 330 package came with a 330 center, not the 110 center the guy is selling with his package.

I like how in the craigslist ad, the guy links to a page on Paradigm's website that doesn't have a single one of the speakers he lists in his ad. tongue.gif

These links might prove a bit more useful:
Cinema 330
Cinema 100 C
Review of the Cinema 330 system

(Paradigm doesn't appear to list the Cinema ADPs on their site anymore.)
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Thank you...Decided to keep looking for more of an upgrade.
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