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So I just got my first ever plasma T.V. This model is very much to my liking and thanks to all of you in this forum, I could not have been in safer hands.

So now with the T.V. in my basement, I am now reading up on "calibration" and my head is spinning. Can someone ease me in to this and then point me on calibrating my T.V.?

I read an awesome thread here called titled VT50 and I can see a lot of data to pick up and learn. But any other inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a question that I am not sure about. I read that you can make these settings adjustments, but time goes on you need to adjust the settings again. Is this true?

I also read in that thread that there are 2 calibrations; day and night. So I figured I below to the night crowd since the my T.V. is in the basement where it is dark. But should I also study up on the day settings in case in the future I move the T.V. out in to the family room where there is a lo more light?

I look forward to your responses and thanks again everyone. A happy owner