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Challenging room needs help from experts for a longtime lurker ready to take the plunge

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So i have lurked for a while and even had an account in the early days but i have no idea where i put that info. Anyway, I am ready to take the plunge and get a system up and running and finally have some money to go with it.

My room is a living room about 16 x 20. Two story. If you are facing the TV seated in the couch, behind you is open to the kitchen with wall from about 7 feet on up. To the right of the TV is open fully with the exception of a open bridge from one side to the other. To the left of the TV is a no chimney fireplace with windows on either side and above. The wall with the TV on it is the only one almost normal. I have space for in or on wall speakers as needed.

So my original thought was a Denon 2112/2113 as Bat pig has set that as the sweet spot. I like the two room (To wire outside by my pool perhaps) and the Audyssey equalization, especially with my odd room. I figured a HSU or Outlaw sub. I dont know that i need that power or would ever use it, but what the hell. And that is about where my thought process broke down.

So many choices and possibilities.

I looked at the Paradigm and Def Tech In walls (As in walls have a high WAF). I looked at flat panels, monoprice, Energy, I looked at the new wireless system, but it doesnt have enough HDMI inputs.

Hell the Onkyo HT-S9400THX 7.1 is only ~ $500 has limited Audyssey, THX and is bound to be better than the tin speakers i have now. Just dont know if it will fill the room enough.

So basically i am appealing to the crowd. How would you solve this dilemma. Say $2k to $2500 if needed. That being said, spending $500 on the Onkyo and $2k on other stuff is appealing.

Would like 7.1 and Audessey. Other than that, i dont care. Best sound, least cost. I know you have heard that before.

I have a 65" LG 3D i am trying to give a fair soundscape to. Thanks for any help you can provide
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I think while the Onkyo might sound fine the look of speakers screwed to the wall all over the place in your main living room is probably not going to be acceptable. To be honest they aren't very visually pleasing and they aren't very small either. Maybe you can make it work with shelves or other creative means.

The Definitive and Paradigm speakers would sound better and look better. You might consider how long you'd be in your home and if you really need surround sound and not just a good center and two good looking towers. Are you handy enough to wire the in-walls yourself? What's on the other side of the wall (in our house it's the master bedroom so inwalls are out). Having sold a house with in-walls it people either don't care or don't like it, nobody is going to pay extra for them that's for sure.
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I am handy enough i can wire to a wall mount. And yes, the master is behind it. So what would the best options be along the lines of a pleasing wall mounted speaker system, possibly utilizing wireless surrounds.
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Is there any way to not use In-Wall speakers? I have not been into the home theater very long as im only 25 but I know enough that I would NEVER use in wall speakers. I really like the ease of use, look, and tweakability of towers. (if they need toe in or out or moved closer or farther then its simpe) Also I think the Denon is a good choice but have you shopped around for an onkyo receiver? Have you listened to speakers? I have monitor audio rx6 towers and they are awesome but im only powering them with the yamaha rx v 361 (old and only outputs 200 watts max). Probably can get a set for your price range of $2.5k adn thats estimated (no price talk on forums:rolleyes:) and thats not including receiver.
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You're better off asking what's good looking to your wife than me, I have two sets of stereo speakers in my living room now and my wife doesn't think that's a good look.If you can wire them in half decent (no wires running up a wall) something like the Paradigm Cinema 110 or Definitive ProCinema might look better than the MDF Onkyo system and be a little smaller and sound just as good. I had a Polk RT6000 5.1 system with 3" drivers in a 4 x 6 inch cabinet and while I never really liked it but it was certainly easy to blend those little speakers into our old living room. Really I only disliked it for music it was acceptable for movies in a relatively small room.

I guess my experience is to get something that looks good so your wife lets you keep it in the living room. Otherwise you'll be sent to the basement.... which isn't a bad thing but a basement remodel is quite a bit more expensive than a good looking surround system. Maybe the Onkyo isn't that bad looking and I just can't get past the picture on the Amazon page, where the speakers have overtaken the room and have the be the first question on every visitor's lips:

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WAF may outweigh acoustic nirvana for most of us that have survived past 25 years and haven't been given an unlimited budget or dedicated space.
Paradigm, Polk , Boston, Sonance, Speakercraft all have some very serviceable in wall speakers, when complemented with a sub that can fill all that great room space, If you can engineer a back box to seal off the wall cavity in an appropriate size, all the better.
I'd take a properly placed good quality in wall over a HTIB plastic or cardboard cube speaker any day.
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