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I am looking for a pair of small towers for a stereo setup that have good bass.

WAF is also important.

I have about a week to buy them before I travel. I heard these at different showrooms i.e. it wasn't possible to compare them side by side.

Amplification will probably be a Linn Majik DSM HDMI stereo integrated as that is the only integrated stereo amp with HDMI that I know of (alternate suggestions welcome).

I will ship these speakers to my apartment overseas so weight is a concern and I can only take speakers that are 20kg per piece or less.

Down the line I may add a sub but that won't be for atleast a year when I travel again.

The PMC is a bit cheaper than the Audio Physic but I think I liked the Audio Physic a bit better. I am also not sold on ATL bass (2 way vs 3 way).

5k USD is my budget.

My main system is:
Linn Akurate DSM pre
McIntosh MC452 power
B&W 802Diamond mains

Generally I like B&W/Paradigm/Linn gear, but CM8 was too bass light and CM9 too huge. Paradigm Studio 60 was also bass light and studio 100 too huge and Linn140 did not meet WAF although I liked the sound.

I mostly listen to pop/rock/house music and will also use the speakers for TV/Sports/Xbox etc.