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JVC JIG RCU Codes Needed

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Searched here and at RemoteCentral for ccf's that might have what I need but no luck so far. I have an old JVC HM-DH40000U that basically shuts down anytime you insert a tape into it. I'm hoping I can use the IR codes to have it put some Emergency information up on the screen so I have a better idea of what is actually going wrong.

There is some very exciting video footage of what is happening here if anyone would like to be entertained - Video.

The Service Manual makes reference to sending code "59" to cycle through the EMG information.

Really appreciate any assistance or guidance.

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There's several downloadable manuals here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vcr-repair/2668-index-user-manuals.html

But specifically, I downloaded the service manual for the HR-S5900U and it contains a page of error codes the jig RCU (service tool) can produce. These might be the same sort of error codes used for your unit.

Perhaps you can help me, I'm wondering if you really need the "jig RCU" to access the codes, or can that be done with the VCR's remote control?

Thanks! Art
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