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help with conversion component/vga

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Ok so i'm trying to run a directv hd box via component into a kramer scaler/switch w a vga out to a projector. Will this work? believe it or not i cannot find anything about this even though i have tried searching. I'm hoping to get 720p output on the projector.

I'm thinking of removing the vga cable out from the scaler to the projector and putting in a dvi cable instead. Would there be any benefit to this? the run is about 50ft.

Thanks in advance
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Sure, should work this way. No HDCP protection getting into your way. If you have the type/model of the Kramer unit, it would be even easier to look into this.

DVI might have better quality, but it's more critical to good cable quality. With a mediocre cable you might get not picture at all.
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Thanks Fudoh for your prompt response it was very helpful. Do you have a recomendation from personal experience where one can buy high quality cables for longer runs at a good price? The scaler is a Kramer VP-728

Thanks again
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that's a nice unit. Realta HQV processing and everything! I'm in Germany, so I hardly can recommend a shop for you, but I think Blue Jeans Cable is recommended and recognized by many users here. They offer HDMI to DVI cables. Their budget 50 feet cable is $37 and they high-end on is $163 (but out of stock). They also accept returns within 30 days, so you're on the safe side if you into troubles with your 50 feet run.
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