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Bi-wiring/Bi-amping Jamo S606

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Trying to wrap my head around this new setup I got over the holiday season.

Previous to this, I was running an old Yamaha RX-V457 with a Bose Acoustimass 6 Series II system.

Finally took the plunge to upgrade and picked up a Denon AVR-1713, a Jamo S606HCS3, and waiting for delivery of the Klipsch RW-12D subwoofer to complete the system.

Question is, is there a way I can bi-wire the Jamo S606 floor speakers, so I can use the 8" woofers properly?

My main concern is, the Audyssey setup will be treating the tower speakers as full range, and I'm wondering if I can somehow use the Zone 2 outputs from my AVR-1713 to, perhaps, a separate sub amp?

Is this setup feasible? Or am I just making a bigger deal than needed for these 8" woofers in the towers?
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Bi-wiring doesn't do anything. Bi-amping does, but it's only marginally effective if the passive crossovers inside the speaker aren't bypassed. If you want to try bi-amping your speaker and receiver manuals should tell you how to do it.
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