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8300HD splitter issue

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Hi guys. I am trying to split a HD singnal from my scientific atlanta 8300HD cable box, provided by my wonderful cable company(joke), to 2 different TVs. I am using the splitter from monoprice. I have read some old threads but I thought I would start somthing more current. I am getting a perfect picture on one tv and a snow white picture on the other most of the time. I get an occasional chanel to come in but most of the time nothing. In reading what I could, it appears to be a possiable handshake issue between that particular TV and the cable box. Has anyone solved this issue latley? most posts I have read are 4+- years old. I am just trying have 2 TVs with the same chanel on. nothing fancy. Both TVs are 1080p(lg plasma and Vizio LED) the vizio is workng fine and has the 35' HDMI cable running to it.

I have swapped the cables around and nothing has changed. I thought about sending the box back to the cable provider thinking they might get me a newer version of the 8300HD, if they even make one.

any thoughts??
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I use one of these:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00263D7A4/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00

This one is the '1 in -4 out' version. They make a '1 in- 2 out' version for less $. Works flawlessly. Highly recommended.
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