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Trine 2 Director's Cut

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Who's playing? I know this game is old news on other platforms but I never picked it up until now. Love it so far. The graphics are pretty stunning. Decent controls and a fun coop game for sure. Pretty cheap too!
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You know, I was going to get this since it seems similar to the "Lost Vikings" games I loved on the SNES. But I downloaded the demo on PS3 and disliked the slippery platforming feel enough that I think I'm going to give it a pass.
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Can't beat it for the price. I found the controls a little tricky early on, especially the jump. But now I've got it mastered.

Pretty spot on review as far as I'm concerned. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2012/11/26/trine-2-directors-cut-review
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I bought this and Little Inferno as they were on sale, but haven't started playing it yet. It looks terrific, and I may start playing soon since I'm planning on shelving ME3 until I can play the other 2.
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I like it. I've only played the first few chapters as I haven't had much time and I've been waiting for the update.Good news is, it looks like it may be here soon:
We’d like to apologize to everyone who’s been waiting for the EU/US update and the release in Australia and New Zealand.
At first the promise for release was mid-December and then early January, but neither of those happened.

Long story short, we have been stuck in the submission process and are now once again waiting for approval, although next week is looking promising. Sorry for all the trouble.
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Finished it. I'm on to the expansion portion now.

Fun game. A little patience trying at times, but well worth the little bit of money I paid for it.
Some portions are just gorgeous. The attention to detail is immaculate.
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The multi in this game is fantastic.. imo this is where it really shines. The patch will include voice chat and pro controller support plus fix a few graphical effects...
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The update is now live with the gamma fix.
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Does this game have any replay value? The new multiplayer features sound great
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