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HI there, I posted a similar thread but my options and circumstances have changed. I need to get some front speakers and a subwoofer to go with some rears that are already in the ceiling.
- These will be used mainly for TV and movies.
- The room is a bit big and open. But we are currently listening through the TV speakers so anything would be a big upgrade.
- They will be hooked up to a Harman Kardon AVR - 1700
- The big thing is I need to purchase from Amazon I have a giftcard to put towards the total & I need the 2 day shipping (gotta get here before wife comes home, lol)
- Trying to spend $200 - $300, the lower the better...though willing to go a bit over if really suggested.

I really only need 3.1, but was looking at 5.1 as well since there seems to be some deals. Here are some options I came up with:

Polk Audio RM6750 - $211.99

Polk Audio RM705 - $249.99

Energy 5.1 Take Classic - $399.00 (A bit over budget but I keep hearing good things)

Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 60.6 - $244.99

Or a mix & match to get just the 3.1 set up I need

Any other new suggestions or options on the above suggestions?