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Wii U - The Cave

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Anyone else looking forward to this? I hope it pans out because it's looking pretty good.
Comes out later this month.

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Wow, I've never heard of this game, but after looking into it it sounds kind of awesome. I never got to play Maniac Mansion but that game has such a reputation that a game with even the barest roots from it has my attention. Thanks, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this.
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I hadn't heard of it either. Stumbled upon it while looking around. Looks like a lot of fun though.
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It looks really good. IGN had a preview and both of the people were pretty hard on it unfortunately. I have quite a back log so I'll wait on a few reviews before I buy it.
Rich’s Thoughts: The Cave is Double Fine’s new puzzle-based adventure game focusing on a group of seven characters exploring a mystical cave for a nameless object of great desire. You’ll select three of these characters for your own adventure – each with unique abilities (in my game, a Monk, an Adventurer and a Hillbilly) – and up to two friends can play alongside you simultaneously. At any time, players can switch characters with the touch of a D-pad, allowing for a mix and match of your capabilities to traverse obstacles and advance the game.

Here’s the bad news though – nothing about this game is all that impressive. I’m all for a puzzle-based platformer, and yet so many details just weren’t in place. Controls were sub-par, with characters having poor jump physics that not only felt delayed, but oddly unresponsive. The camera will only follow the single character that was last ‘activated’, meaning if I take control of the Monk, the game will ignore the fact that two other people are playing with me, leaving them off the screen unless I ‘snap’ the game’s attention back to me, which feels like a decidedly selfish act. Of course, the fact that on Wii U a second player would have a full screen available is completely ignored. A perfect solution is literally in the hands of at least one player. While that wouldn’t solve the troubles of a possible third participant, it could have at least been part of the solution.

There are even more things that frustrated me, but I know Audrey agrees, so I’ll let her explain.

Audrey’s Thoughts: As much as I tried, I just did not enjoy my time with The Cave. As Rich already mentioned, it’s absolutely maddening that, in a game that focuses on working together to get through various puzzles, the camera can only remained focused on one player at a time. Other than just being a weird choice, this also means that unless you’re controlling the character who was last activated (or stay right beside that character), you’re not going to be having any fun. Why waste the GamePad’s second screen, which was practically designed for situations like this?

Even more aggravating, though, is the game’s faulty puzzle logic. I’m all for a difficult puzzle challenge, but it has to still make sense. There was one puzzle, for instance, where you were trying to fool a person who was guessing your weight. You do this by making and then holding an object invisible, so when you stand on the scale the number that pops up is different from what the man (who miraculously knows your exact weight) guesses. It’s an extremely clever idea, but for some reason the trick only works if you use an invisible barbell. But… any invisible object should throw off the scale, right? Wrong. Only the barbell works, which leads you to believe you’ve guessed incorrectly if that’s not the first object you happen to try. Even though I only played for a bit, it was still apparent that the game is littered with half-baked puzzles just like this - ones that are timed but don’t tell you that fact, ones that require the teamwork of two people, even though you can’t focus on both at the same time, and so on. So far, it seems a terribly frustrating game, so hopefully the folks at Double Fine can make things a lot tighter before the game releases this January.
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Hmmm.... hopefully those are beta issues and ironed out by the time it's released. I think I'll wait for some reviews myself. Thanks for the info!
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Double Fine made a single good game eight years ago, and has made nothing but forgettable, mediocre product ever since. Expecting The Cave to be any good is being far too generous. Expect it to be garbage, but be pleasantly surprised if it turns out okay.
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My expectations have definitely lowered. smile.gif
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So we finally have a date. Hopefully it turns out well as it really does look good. It's also about time we get some new eshop titles.
This just in: The Cave PSN + Wii U on Jan 22 and XBLA + Steam on Jan 23. Plus... Mac and Linux on Steam Play!!
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I'm surprised it's that soon. Cool!
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The Cave

EDIT: Forgot I already started a thread on this game. Merged.

Anyone else pick it up?

I just finished the first task of obtaining the three objects. Pretty fun and engaging stuff.
The next puzzle looks to be very interesting. Can't wait to get back at it.

Pretty sweet graphics too. So far I've only used the knight, hillbilly and monk.

Edit: And I believe I'm locked to these three characters for the game.

Solid reviews as well. Definitely a bargain for the price.
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One thing though, I'm not sure if you are supposed to carry around certain items you find to the next levels. Guess I'll find out.
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Hilarious moment in the game. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I accidentally left the door to the Dragon's Lair open after retrieving his gold. Let's just say that all hell broke loose. eek.gif

I was supposed to bring the gold back to the Princess in order to gain her amulet and show it to the King so he would give me a shot at Excalibur. Well, by the time I got to the Princess, the dragon was eating her.

But he did spit out the amulet for me. Covered in blood no less.
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Finished with all the characters but one. Such a fun game. If this thing had full gamepad support it would be near perfect for me.

Some of the puzzles were so much fun. Well worth the price.

And Miiverse is so much fun! I'm finally getting into it. What a great idea.

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Yeah, this is on my "wait for a sale/gap in my gaming queue" list. I played the demo on the PS3. I enjoyed it, but it's not really something I need to play RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT, y'know?

It does seem like a perfect candidate for Miiverse usage, though.
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Originally Posted by ThisOneKidMongo View Post

It does seem like a perfect candidate for Miiverse usage, though.
For sure! Now I know why you were touting Miiverse so much. It's awesome.
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FYI: The Cave demo is up!
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That's excellent. It's encouraging that the eShop is getting a fairly (fairly!) steady stream of demos.
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I've been playing this a little bit here and there. I enjoy it, but it has it's problems. My 2nd puzzle was the mine carts and it was a broken mess. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Why does it matter if someone pushes you while you are in the mine cart or if you push it and jump in it while it's rolling? It's frustrating getting stuck on stuff like that. Especially so early in the game.
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