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Speakers + Sub setup problem

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Currently I have two energy veritas bookshelf speakers and an energy EW 100 subwoofer. These 3 devices are connected to a pioneer vsx 822 audio receiver. Now the speakers work perfectly fine, the problem I'm having is with the sub. It's currently producing bass power equivalent to what my dr dre beats headphones can produce. I can feel it kicking, but ever so slighty (and I have the knob set to 11 which is max). At first I was using an AV cable that had red/white on both ends. I plugged the red/white of one end into my sub and then just the white side into the back of my audio receiver into the sub port. I was having the extremely low bass problem with that, so I went to the store and picked up a digital coaxial audio cable and plugged it into only the left side of my sub and the other end into the subwoofer port on the audio box still with the same problem. If anyone can give me any help with this issue that'd be great. I was using about a 15 year old harmon/kardon receiver before this one I just picked up and the bass was able to make my blinds shake with it's power...now with this brand new receiver I can barely hear it.
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What did you do in the AVR to setup the sub? Did you RTFM? If you setup the sub correctly more than likely you will not need to turn the gain on the sub up past 50% let alone to max (it's really an 11? Or are you just a big Spinal Tap fan?).

PS When you connected the red/white rca cables and one was connected to nothing on the avr, why did you still plug the other end into the sub? Have to ask....

pps I'd start with the sub at somewhere between 25-33% before running setup in the AVR.
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Have you run MCACC since connecting the subwoofer?? It would need to calibrate for the subwoofer if you haven't already.

The other thing is your gain on your subwoofer might of been way too high and when you ran MCACC it tried to turn it down way too low. This happened when I just tried to setup my SVS sub, I had the gain at 50% and the receiver set to -12db when trying to do the calibration.
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