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Yamaha YHT-497 wattage?

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Hey guys - I've got a question:
What's the deal with the wattage rating on some of these Home Theater Systems?
This one for example, says it's 1000w, but is cheaper than this one (which i'm really thinking about purchasing, almost 100% decided).

Is this stuff accurate? Would I be better off going with a 1000w system rather than the Yamaha YHT-497?
I'm going with Yamaha because of the name, honestly. And that's not a shallow or terribly bad thing at all, I just want to do it right when spending this kind of money. And I trust a 500w Yamaha over say, a 1000w Onkoyo any day.

But anyways - what are some of your thoughts?
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Wattage output can, and is, misleading at times. It depends, in part, on the ohm rating that you run your speakers at. and what exactly are they referring too. Look at the output per channel. I wouldn't be too concerned about that. What I noticed about the Panasonic is that it has an integrated blu-ray player. That usually means that the sub-woofer is passive as it derives it's power from the blu-ray player. That, in turn, will affect how efficient the sub is, and you probably won't get that really nice bass that sounds so good because it doesn't have its own amplifier (active sub-woofer). Also, the speaker connections may not be universal (5-way binding posts) so you're kinda stuck with the speakers if you want to upgrade them down the road unless you're good at splicing wires and making connectors. The Yamaha, OTOH, does not have an integrated blu-ray player and thus the sub-woofer is active (meaning it has it's own amplifier) and, if that model of Yamaha is like mine, has binding posts on the back so any future speaker upgrade won't be an issue. I run mine at 8 ohms which gives me 80W per channel which is plenty enough for me.
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Forgive me for my greenhorns - what are binding posts? And why are they significant?

Thank you for your information, it has really helped so far!
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You can Google them for a more precise answer (with pictures wink.gif) but basically they are universal connectors that can take any type of connection, be it bare wire, banana plug, etc. Some HTiB mfrs put "proprietary" connectors on the back of their receivers so that they only work with the supplied speaker set and updating them to better speakers can be a real challenge. My Yamaha receiver has binding post connectors, but the speakers (R/L/C/RS/LS) have wire clip in connections. Not a problem because the receiver can take bare wire.
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Oooooh I see. Yes, this is the same.
Thank you!
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