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Former CRT owner switching to Digital. Epson 5010?

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So, I have finally dumped my beast of a Sony 1272 in the trash and am forging bravely forward into digital land. Knowing the proclivities of a CRT kind of person, I was wondering what you all thought would be a good PJ in the $2000 range. ProjectorReviews.com and AVS certainly like the Epson 5010 for a lot of reasons including its black levels. One can also get a refurbished (cringe) DLA RS40 on Ebay for 1850 as well.

What others should I consider and where on earth can I see some of these projectors in the Chicagoland area?

For what it is worth, I have complete light control, have little interest in 3D and have a 92 inch screen

There is another similar post on just this subject, but I thought I'd post separately because I am looking for a somewhat cheaper projector. Sorry for the partial redundancy though.

Thanks guys,
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How about an Epson 3020? It is so bright the CR is spectacular. Don't see how the 5020 could be noticeably better. Then there's the great 3D and it converts 2D to 3D very well. Comes with 2 pairs of glasses and you can add more for $20 apiece. Color is excellent. You may have guessed, I have one. It is amazing.
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Both pjs you mentioned are nice, but coming from a crt, even though sharpness isnt bad, they can appear to be a little soft when compared to a crt, unless you add some help, (Darbee) or spend a little more, (JVC). A dlp may be a consideration if you/family are not sensitive to rainbow artifacts, (RBE). Did you look over this post? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391476/coderguys-top-projector-picks
I'm running a 6010 with a Darbee processor and love it, but it isn't a crt, but it is 126", with 3d. The epson 5010 would be my choice between the two, for the customer support/warranty and bulb costs. The 3020 mentioned is nice as well, but I think the 5010 might have a little better blacks, if that's important?
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I was thinking about that until I read ProjectorReviews who stated:
"First and foremost, you are getting a higher performance projector in terms of picture quality. The HC5020's black level performance is not only far superior, but it's also better than anything near its price (above or below). Even if you were to turn off the Epson HC5020UB's dynamic iris and leave the dynamic iris on with the 3020, the 5020 would still produce the blacker blacks. Of course that's all expected since UB stands for Ultra Black.

The HC5020 UB lacks the more portable friendly Home Cinema 3020 projector's pair of 10 watt speakers, but adds a good deal more placement flexibility thanks to variable lens shift and a zoom lens with more range. 2.1:1 vs. 1.6:1 Neither projector is particularly quiet in terms of audible noise. Both have the same excellent warranty. And same long lamp life.

The Home Cinema 5020 has dynamic features the HC3010 lacks. While the more expensive 5020 has full CFI for smooth motion, the Epson 3010 offers only the more basic FI - simple frame doubling. Both offer Super-Resolution this year."

BTW, I realize that this is the 5020 and not the 5010, but as far as I can see they are overwhelmingly similar for people who are not interested in 3D. Yes?
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I have a 73" mitsubishi CRT-RPTV, the 3020 is sharper. CR is better because it is so much brighter. You can watch it with light in the room. You can pick one up from Best Buy and return it if you don't like it. Do yourself a favor and try one. To not get 3D would be a mistake. 3D is about all I watch on the projector because it is much better than 2D. Just like the only movies I go to at the theater are 3D. Wife and I just finished watching Resident Evil: Retribution 3D- WOW! This movie really shows how spectacular the PQ is in all types of scenes. There's glowing white walls, floor and ceiling (pure white, no purity problems) all around, not crushed white by the way as there is a setting to keep whites from being crushed, with her in her black outfit with all details of it visible and very dark. The colors in this movie are amazing on this projector also. Not to mention the 3D..
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Yeah, I wasn't interested in 3d when I upgraded, but the last 5 movies I bought, 1 was 2d. You should give it a try, it's much nicer than the 3d in theaters, with a good pj.
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Well, I could be interested in 3D if it was better than what I see in the theaters, but in the theatres I get a lot of eyestrain while watching through the glasses. As fuzzy as it is without the glasses, this is sometimes easier to watch for me just as a break to let my eyes rest.

JNABQ - I also hear you regarding the sharpness, but a 1272 is not the sharpest PJ out there when it was perfectly set up - and mine had real convergence problems. I suspect even a business grage projector would be sharper than what I had.

So, if I value blacks and natural film-like images should I be considering anything other than a 5010 or a JVC 250? There is one NIB on fleabay for 2k.

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Mitsubishi HC5.... If you value contrast.

Epson 6010
ANSI contrast: 460:1
Native contrast: 4000:1 at max focal length - this is the real projector's contrast
Dynamic contrast: 125‚ÄČ000:1 which is only useful in long dark scenes and completely black screen

Mitsubishi HC5
ANSI contrast: 450:1
Native contrast: 30 000:1 at max focal length
Dynamic contrast: wasn't measured because unusable

Source is the same, so measurements are comparable.
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Sorry, I musta misread the post regarding the crt, and your correct that these will be sharper. Look at "coderguys" picks here if you haven't already. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391476/coderguys-top-projector-picks
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