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Dust blob or dying blue panel?

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Hey everyone. I have a Hitachi PJTX100 projector that has been our main movie watching unit for the last 4 years. I think it has been a great projector. It has about 5000 hours now with about 320 hours on a new bulb.

I am starting to get a blue haze on part of the screen. Do you guys think this is a dust blob (never had one before) or is it a sign of a failing blue panel in the projector?

Also, since I put in the new bulb, I have to tap on the projector to get the bulb to fire. Time for a new unit? Thanks!
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Using the "focus" will usually help determine if it's a dust blob.
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most dustblobs are only 6"-12" and round.. Sorry, but that looks like a bad panel. the PJ does have service menu where you can adjust color by area, so you could take some blue out of the left side but... she's lived a good life, might be time to put her down. There are so many nice new projectors out that are sure to be better. none will have that massive glass eye tho.
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Ahh, ya, That is what I figured. It is gradually getting worse. It is still pretty watchable for the moment, but I am on the hunt for a temp replacement. I am getting ready to start building the dedicated theater room so I need to stay on the cheaper side. I am eyeballing some nice used JVC DiLA units (RS1) that would work for now as well as have the long throw for the new room as a temp unit.

If anyone has any other ideas, let me know. I will check the service menu and see if I can do some correction.

Thanks all!
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Here's a map to the screen locations. Just remember, if the proj is upside down, the areas are reversed (3,9,11,17 will be on the left/upper left) it's been 5+ years but i think that's how it worked.

pj100tx screen menu.JPG 39k .JPG file
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Thanks a bunch! And it is flipped. smile.gif
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Your Blue LCD panel is on the way out. If you have a lamp economy option in the setting menu that will slow the panel's degradation rate but it needs to be replaced along with the Polarizer. Turning down the brightness level WON'T do it. You need to turn down the output from the Ballast thats powering the lamp. I'm guessing that the new lamp helped accelerate the panels breakdown.

Sorry bout that - Bohanna

-BTW the thing that goes with a LCD projector is the Blue Panel-- The thing that goes with a DLP projector is the color wheel-
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