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Problem Connecting Active Sub to Computer

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Hi Guys,

I got a basic knowledge but I am not an expert in Audio. Can you please give me a hand on how to setup this system please?

I have got a Jamo Active Sub 250 :

Image of the Subs back:


and I have a pair of speakers (connect with RCA), which are passive, basic speakers, there once were speakers connected to a Stereo.


I connected as follow:

3.5MM Jack from PC to Line IN RCA of the Sub and then connected my speakers (RCA male each) to the Line Out of Sub ...

When i switched it on, the sound from the speakers was really LOW or nothing at all, anyone got any idea what I am doing wrong?

Help is much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance,

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You need an amplifier to boost the signal to the speakers. The sub has a built in amplifier, but passive speakers need a much stronger signal than your sound card puts out. Your sub will not amplify the signal it passes through its output terminals.
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Thank you for your reply...

The only solution is an Amplifier or Active Speakers only?

Isn't there an other way to connect them maybe?

Thank you

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There are two levels of signal you're dealing with. Line level and speaker level. Line level signals are much, much lower in amplitude than speaker level signals. It's like trying to power a tablesaw with a nine volt battery. Sure, a bit of current will flow, but you can't get any useful work done.

There are many amplifiers available for your use, and you should be able to obtain something quite inexpensively either used or even new. Amazon for instance has the "Lepai TRIPATH TA2020 Class T Mini Amp Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier" for 20 bucks.

Part of what fools people is that cheap speakers (the kind found in Home Theater in a Box bundles and such) sometimes use RCA connectors on hard wired lines. You won't find such connectors on amplifiers or better speakers. In order to hook up your speakers you'll need to either cut off the RCA connectors and use the bare wire, or find or make a female RCA -> bare wire adapter.
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Originally Posted by Dylan zinkz View Post

Thank you for your reply...

The only solution is an Amplifier or Active Speakers only?


Time to stop fighting the obvious!
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