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Just when you thought the Kinnect from Xbox had an interesting concept with hand motion control, think again. Haier is showcasing at CES a TV that is controlled with eye movement.

Haier released this TV at IFA end of 2012 and now at CES 2013.

Yep, Haier tells us that, "amazing but true", you will be using your eyes to change channel (which it already showed off at IFA), or perhaps even just brain waves - with technology developed in partnership with NeuroSky.
Also on offer are voice and gesture controls - but in contrast, they seem frankly dull.

Also, HAIER will also be releasing some UHD Displays AND a 55inch Prototype 3D Glasses-Free set at CES. More info to come...

Will people really blinking away to change channels? Interesting nonetheless. Would you replace your remote with your eyes?

Earlier Report from IFA: