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User Interface/Hierarchy?

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Not quite sure how to phrase my question but I'm wondering if there's a media streamer that's interface and folder structure is similar to Windows. I have 4 different components that stream my music files but 3 of them completely screw up my folder system. The only one that doesn't is a LG DVD player but that doesn't support folder art and is pretty lousy in every other aspect. I have about 4 to 5000 music files that are structured by genre/artist/song and I'd like to view them like that on my TV. Roku, my AVR, and another DVD player organize the files by they're own methods and screw everything up. I think a big part of my problem is that I've accumulated these songs over the years from many different sources and I think they're ID tags are screwed up. I've named each song/artist how I want them but I didn't retag them correctly. In other words they appear correctly in Windows view but other software (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc) will not recognize them correctly. Any ideas other then manually retagging everything?
Also I can't figure out how to make Roku (using the Plex software) read files from an external hard drive. I can't see how to navigate Plex into anything other than my main computer?
Thanks for any ideas.......
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No suggestions for a streamer that has a Windows like folder structure?
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Most players will read the TAG, but they also offer folder view......There are plenty of free software utilities to retag your music, persoanlly Ive used Mp3Tag with success.....I dont think anything is goign to look "pretty" until you fix your tags however....
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I agree that you have to get your tags correct. MP3 tag can convert file name to tag. Try a few as a test, and see if that works for you.
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