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I am of the "Greenhorn" status here, so please bare with me. I am trying to figure out the best streaming device for me. I have comcast cable, not getting rid of that. But I would like to be able to watch Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix VOD, Hulu Plus, and be able to listen to my Amazon MP3 Cloud library, Pandora Radio, iHeart Radio, and HOPEFULLY allow internet browsing via a wireless keyboard.... Is there a device that will allow me to access all of this content?

I am hopeless if the answer is a Home Theater PC. I really would like to buy a device that will allow me access to these media contents.....

Also, if the answer is a HTPC, would that allow all of the TV's in the house to access the content on that PC? I am guessing I would have to hardwire all the TV's to the HTPC?

So I guess on that note, could an HTPC be setup where every TV in the house that was connected to the router would be able to Browse the Web, Access the content on Amazon Prime, Amazon MP3, Netflix, etc.... and I guess it would be able to access any content on the Web, for that matter?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.