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I have some M-Audio AV40 studio monitors with the right channel output from the left speaker hooked up to the right speaker level input on the PSW10, and then the right speaker level output on the PSW10 going to the right speaker on my AV40's.

1) Is this an okay configuration, or do I need to have both the left and right speaker level inputs populated rather than just a single channel?

2) Do the speaker level outputs on the PSW10 provide any*sort of crossover filtering? I currently have the LPF set to 100Hz, but did not know if that is also a 100Hz high pass to the speaker level outputs, which would put my right channel crossed over at 100Hz and my left channel full band. I have another PSW10 that I want to hook up to my home theater via the speaker level inputs and wanted to know if I could just hook one speaker up (the one the sub is sitting next to) or if I have to run wire from the other speaker as well.

3) I have also read that it is better to run the high level signal directly from the receiver/amp/whatever to the speaker and THEN run it to the sub rather than passing it through the sub (reason being additional capacitance/resistance/failure points/contacts/etc). Does this hold any merit?


A diagram of my config: