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File under 'white elephant' or 'must have'?

LG has a new laser TV projector called the Hecto boasting a unique capability - it projects a 100" image from only 22" away from the screen. The LG Hecto projector uses lasers to create a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 100" diagonal image that is bright enough to see in a sunlit room. There appear to be issues with color fidelity and fringing, so LG has kept the unit behind a barrier at CES. The concept is intriguing - project almost anywhere without the risk of light being blocked when someone walks in front of the screen - but at what cost?

The Verge reports-
'We got a chance to check out the image quality, and were left a little disappointed. Stretching a 1080p image over 100 inches already degrades the quality somewhat, and to make matters worse there's a large amount of green and red fringing, especially around white objects.'
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