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CES: Over 60 new HD Radio products to debut in 2013

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Aftermarket Car
More than 40 new aftermarket car products are launching this year, from all major brands.
■ New Alpine models in both double DIN and single DIN sizes, adding to an already significant line
■ New JVC models, including the 2013 CES Innovations award winning KW-NT810HDT flagship model, with Digital Traffic and Active Alerts, a brand new HD Radio feature that add emergency alert capabilities, using the new CAP alert protocol, rolling out across the country
■ A significantly expanded and fully upgraded Kenwood product line; their largest HD Radio equipped product offering ever
■ An expanded Pioneer line including new single DIN models and double DIN multimedia and navigation models
■ New single DIN and double DIN models from Sony, including the 2013 CES Innovations award winning XAV-701HD, with HD Radio Technology built-in.

Home Audio
More than a dozen new home products coming from leading brands.
■ Two new Denon flagship AV receiver models, launched just this fall
■ Three new Marantz products including two preamp/processors and a new AV receiver, launching now
■ Three new Onkyo AV receivers featuring a new Texas Instruments chipset solution for CE products
■ A new flagship Integra branded AV receiver also using the new semiconductor solution from Texas Instruments
■ Three new Yamaha AV receiver models, building on past successful offerings
■ Two new products from premier brand McIntosh Laboratories including a preamp/processor
■ and their first ever HD Radio AV receiver
■ New tabletop products from the Audiovox and Insignia

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I'm looking forward to analog FM being phased out and digital becoming the new standard.
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Doubt that'll happen. Being able to do it in band and on channel - something TV couldn't do - makes a phase-out unnecessary. Doesn't mean we won't see a good number of full-digital stations, though adoption has a LONG way to go before that'll be practical. Though I'd love to see it happen with classical.
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Sadly, still only high end ht recievers, wtf?! It has been ten+ years, getting ridiculous...

The only problem, now, is the owner, Joseph D'Angelo iBiquity Digital Corporation, E-mail: dangelo@ibiquity.com, Phone: 443-539-4353, has the price of licence, way too high, because every radio, should have hd now, and 90% on the market does not. That being said, we need to contact him and bitch him out, stop the being greedy....

The guy needs to be fired....
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