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ALIENS: Colonial Marines

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Anyone else looking forward to this? Love that all the sounds and equipment are ripped right from the movie.

I really hope the single player/co-op is done well. Could be promising.
I'm especially curious to see if they use the Wii U game-pad display for the motion detector. That would be sweet.

EDIT: Looks like dreams come true.


""This is the best controller Nintendo's ever made for making an FPS," Pitchford told Joystiq. "This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games."

Explaining that the WiiPad is "perfect for Aliens," Pitchford reiterated previous statements about the tablet screen's functionality in the game, detailing how it will be used as the motion tracker featured in Aliens, as well as an in-game map screen."

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Has anyone heard of a "real" release date for it on the wii u? I have it pre-ordered, but Gamestop doesn't have a confirmed date. Gonna hold out and wait for it to come out on the wii u, though. Using the gamepad as the motion detector sounds awesome.
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there is no release date for wii u version
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thought so. thanks.
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All I've heard is 1st quarter release. Might be after the other systems but I'm sure it will be close. As long as it's done properly... I can wait.
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I wonder if they will add a gun accessory to attach the wii u gamepad as a tracking device and maybe another wii mote in front to use the IR.. that would be beyond BAD ASS!! hahaha I can dream can't I? wink.gif
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