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Which screen under £100 would you choose

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I have recently purchased an Epson 5010, The projector is great. I came from an NEC vt660 which I had 10 years and was a fantastic projector and never let me down and still going strong on the same bulb!

However I'm in the market for a new screen. I'm not going crazy on the screen as I don't believe paying silly money gives proportionate results. The screen I used with the NEC was a diy grey screen made from a brilliant white roller blind and this served me well, but it has had it's day now really.
The grey screen was great for improving the contrast and blacks on a projector with only a 400:1 contrast ratio. I have cinema room, but it has a white ceiling and TBH this has never been an issue with the grey screen.

The grey screen is great with the Epson in 2d, blacks are fantastic. However the issue comes with 3d viewing, it just seems too dark and spoils the enjoyment a bit.
Now I also have a NOBO matt white screen and the 3d is better and gives it more life, but it's not big enough and the blacks aren't as black in 2d and the screen doesn't have the ambient light rejection properties of the grey screen. So here is my quandry, do I stick with another grey screen, but this time not a diy job or do I go for the matt white?

These are my choices below, but what are the opinions on these budget screens?




I can get either for practically the same price, the Optoma seems like the best deal and may be the best quality of the lot, but can anybody give me any feedback on these screen and help me make my mind up!? confused.gif

Thanks smile.gif
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Sorry for this answer but Toss a coin and say a prayer! The only logic that would directs me to one over the other, is that one is sold by Optoma, and that is a real company with some form of customer support. The only real difference you will see is in quality of the product, the fabric is just matte white vinyl, the issue will be how long till the roller sags and the screen get waves in it or won't roll back up ..
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all these screen in the low price range are cheap china screens, so choose your poison;)
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Well I guess if all 3 screens are going to be of the same material I may as well go for the motorized one? The question is grey or white? Would be good to get input from somebody who has one of these or similar.
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