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I just bought a new video card for my make-shift htpc(Radeon HD 5450-Dual-Link DVI, D-Sub (VGA),HDMI)and I use the hdmi out to a 42" plasma tv.I also want to use one of the outputs(maybe HDMI also)to my projector via a Yamaha AVR that doesn't have HDMI...currently using component out to projector for Xbox and satellite box.

will this work for video AND audio?:

if not,any suggestions..Thanks
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No, that will not work. Component is analog, and HDMI is digital, a simple cable cannot be used to convert the two. You need a downconverter to do that.
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thanks for reply..I think I will just get a svga from pc to projector and run sound thru avr
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YES, connect the PJ to the VGA connector and you'll be fine! I'd suggest setting one as the default display device and the other will be automatically switched to when the default display is not connected/poewered on. I do this with my HD5450 - HDMI is primary, VGA secondary and when the PJ is off the video pops up onto my 19" VGA monitor.
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