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Speaker Recommendations

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Maybe Ascend 340 lcr and 200 surrounds? So many choices
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You have provided absolutely no budget. Kinda hard to make recommendations without one.
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1000-2000 somewhere around that. The reciever is like 500 and depending on what sub around 500-800. So the closer to 1000 the bettero
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I suggest a pair of Def Tech Studio Monitor 55 speakers for your main speakers. They are excellent and run $300 each. The Pro Center 2000 will run $349 to go with them, and a pair of Pro Monitor 800s will finish it off for $120 each or so. Those are list prices and I am sure you can find them cheaper if you do some looking around.

For a subwoofer, the NHT B12D is excellent, for around $700, and the Klipsch RW12D is pretty good for $400...etc.
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The Arx A1b has been getting alot of attention and seems to be well liked. Probably one of the best bang for the buck bookshelfs out there. http://www.theaudioinsider.com/manufacturers.php?mPath=13 The A1b has been praised for its performance even against more expensive highly regarded speakers.

A comparison thread with the A1b and the Ascend 170SE http://www.avsforum.com/t/1446006/ascend-acoustics-cbm-170-se-vs-arx-a1b
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I'd second the Arx speakers. Amazing detail, can play loud and are dirt cheap to boot. The more I listen to them the more impressed I become.
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