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Calibration controls coming from Panasonic

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Please look at my other post


these pictures is what is to come from panasonic on the 2013 series VT & ZT

Available for Android and iOS

Later from CES 2013
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Pretty cool ... but the meter still gets plugged into what??? The laptop ... biggrin.gif

And since the Calman program has DDC anyway ... this is looking cool, but redundant.

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Panasonic is providing access to the calibration controls via Andriod/iOS but you still need calibration software and a meter. So yes you still need CalMAN to calibrate or AutoCal. What this does mean is you no longer need 3rd party software to get access to the calibration controls like in the past.

What this does for us "SpectraCal" is make more people that have these models aware of its calibration capability. Panasonic provides the tools to get access but still recommends CalMAN for the calibration itself. It should be a win/win for both companies.
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So I still don't get it. If you don't have calibration software on the iOS device, what good does it do to be able to access the calibration controls from an iOS device? You run CalMAN to control the meter and measurements only? and use the iOS device to manipulate the calibration controls? Haven't we been doing that for a decade with the IR remote control (before DDC)? why is it easier or even useful to do something with an iOS/Android device that the IR remote does just fine? And with (presumably) DDC control of the 2013 Panasonic models with CalMAN... there's really no point to having an iOS or Android device interface to the controls.
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It's just a fancy IOS remote that includes access to everything.
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