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Reciever that has CD info on the front display

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum. After an exhaustive internet search, I have been unable to find the information I need. So I decided to join AVS forums and see what its members could suggest.

I am in need of a receiver that will display basic CD info (track #, time) on its front panel. The more affordable the better ($300 or less).

I am not interested in having the TV on while listening to CDs. Unfortunately my Blu-ray player will only send this basic CD info through the HDMI, and will not display it on its front panel.The Blu-Ray player was a gift made to me only a year ago, and I am not willing to part with it at this point.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The track and time information are not transmitted over HDMI by your Blu-Ray player, a video image of the track and time numbers is sent over HDMI. No receiver is remotely capable of interpreting this video image. The only sort of device that will display this information on its front panel is something that can play CDs itself.

You should either get a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player that is capable of displaying this information on its own front panel, or possible a stereo micro-system with a built in CD player or a home theater in a box system with a built in DVD or Blu-Ray player. The trend is towards displaying less and less information on front panels these days, with some low end DVD and Blu-Ray players not even having displays, so you'll need to check carefully. A used CD player from a thrift shop may be your best bet.
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Unfortunately you have two options - leave your tv on OR get yourself a different player. Any other reason to upgrade your receiver besides the cd issue?
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Thanks everyone.

Thanks for clearing up the info vs image thing Ross. Currently I am using a mini-stero that I bought in 1995 as my amp, so I definitely need an upgrade!

I'd love to get an updated version of the NAD Viso 5, but it doesn't have a single HDMI input. Otherwise, it is exactly what I want: cd player + receiver all in one, with radio. It is small and stylish.
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