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Crown xls questions

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Hi guys. I have a crown xls 1500 and plan on getting a few more for my system down the road (for all channels in a 5.1 system). From a cost and feature standpoint, would I be better off upgrading to a denon (have a 2312 currently... I think) with pre outs or just buying a dedicated pre amp? I've been happy with my denon so I haven't looked around yet. But, I'm getting a new room (15 by 30) to play with so I'm getting all kinds of bad ideas!
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I love the 4311 I have. The preouts are great and the functionality/3d/OSD (on screen display) are all killer. The zone 2 stuff is also awesome as am running that to a switcher and out to various other parts of the house. I come home, and it takes two buttons on my Iphone to have my AVR turn on, and then itunes to start playing. Can't really beat that. I have a 3311 available for sale if you are interested as well smile.gif
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I "sort of" have something similar to this implemented, however...
The crown will be the weakspot has far as hi-fi quality goes, based on my limited experience with XTI's and iTech's.
Lot's of power for woofers and PA screechers compared to a reciever, but not exactly "Bryston treble quality hi-fi" on the tweets.

This would make any net quality gain made by a dedicated pre amp moot.
Unless you have it configured the way I do, with multiple DAC's and hardwired analog relayed pre paths connected to a more "hi-fi friendly treble" amps OR at least using a simple Y-spliter of a similar nature.

The XLS may differ though...

But either way, it should still be an improvement. (Depending on how picky you are.)

All of this is my opinion, of course.

-my 2 cents.
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