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Handbrake Audio

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When backing up a DVD/Blu-Ray movie, the output video is OK on the 50" HDTV but the audio has high variance. The voices are very low and hard to hear, so when turning the volume up the ambient music or sound effects become too loud. Is there some kind of setting in Handbrake that corrects this?

Both MP4 and MKV outputs have been tried. Is there a pre-set which is recommended? Files are being played through a Micca Speck via HDMI.
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If your voices are too low, it's possible the center channel isn't properly being downmixed. What audio settings are you using? What inputs (from the disc) and what output settings?
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doesn't your TV have a setting for this? dynamic compression? so that there's not such a difference between voices and loud audio?

the hacker's way would be to pull out the audio track, run it through a sound editor like SoundForge, normalize the audio, and then reinsert the audio track back into the video file. this way, you're not having to re-encode the video (which would reduce quality and take forever, depending on how long the video is).
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