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6950 - No encoded DTS-HD

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Hello, Capture.PNG 50k .PNG file

I have a MSI 6950, and output via HDMI. I am having difficulty (specifically in Media Portal) outputing DTS-HD. My codecs for MP are all configured correctly. The issue, I believe, is with my 6950 drivers.

When I go Control Panel --> Sound --> Right-Click on "AMD HDMI Output" and Select "Properties", Under "Supported Formats" the list of Encoded Formats includes, DTS Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Digital... but DTS-HD is not in that list.

How exactly (if at all) would I be able to add that to the list? I've been searching around here and on Google and haven't found anything. I also tried uninstalling all AMD video/audio drivers (hoping there was an issue here), and DTS-HD is still not included. Any ideas or suggestions?


Windows 7 64bit
Intel i5 2550k
MSI HD 6950
Gigabyte Mobo (I can get the exact model if it's even needed)

Bonus Question:

If I play a movie with DTS-HD in VLC, the audio works. However, when I view what codecs are being used, it says "DTS." Any thoughts on this? Is VLC changing the audio format?

Thank you!
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There are couple of the threads here about ATI video cards and EDID mess. Do a search. If you don't see the DTS-HD in the list, you have the EDID issues. Check out those threads for answers.

All DTS-HD track contains a DTS core track. So, VLC could just extract that out and send out as DTS. No change of format needed.
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