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Subtitles - What's the best way to handle this?

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Sorry if this has been covered. I searched but haven't found a good answer.

When I'm watching a movie like The Godfather that has a lot of dialogue in a foreign language, subtitles / closed captioning is vital to the watching experience. However, they're usually not baked into the video file and are separate standalone .srt files.

Right now to enable subtitles, I exit out of WMC and MediaBrowser, head to Shark's settings and enable subtitles. However, when the movie goes back to English, the subtitles are still there, and you have to repeat the process to disable.

How do others handle this? I'd think a toggle on the remote might work well, or perhaps something else? The current process just doesn't work and the WAF took a big hit from this.

Thanks as always HTPC Community.

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For me, the latest Shark007 with VobSub seemed to correct a lot of issues I was having, but there is a downside. I found that I needed to use MKVMerge GUI on the files that had subtitles that should be listed as forced. What I did was play the file outside of Media Center in Media Player (or whatever you have Shark007 setup for) and then right click on the VobSub icon to find out what subtitle stream plays the forced. Once you figure out that is say the 2nd of 3 then add that file in MKVMerge and click on that subtitle stream and down below you will see a tab that says "General track options." In that tab will be probably "Forced track flag" set to "no", change that to "yes" and click "Start Muxing".

This will now give you a file that will actually pickup and play the forced subtitles where needed. I wish I could figure out how to get MakeMKV to properly label that track.

BTW, I used Assassin's recommended settings for Shark007. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and Assassin has a tutorial on using Media Center Remote or something like that, where you can assign a key on your remote to flip through the subtilte streams. I haven't tried it yet, but have it set up. No need after I fixed files like The Avengers, Avatar, and even Cars 2 had one blip in there.
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No need to remux - in MKVMerge go to File/Header Editor open the file, identify the subtitle stream and change the header to 'forced' and save - done in seconds.
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Awesome I'll definitely checkout those settings for future rips. Thanks guys!

For current rips, I'm guessing I'm SOL then? smile.gif
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Not at all - see my post immediately above yours. If you already have the sub streams ripped and included within the mkv file.

Don't use it myself, but does LAV filters work with WMC, if so you could use LAV Splitter and configure it to only display 'forced subtitles' - once you have flagged them correctly of course.
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