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Need help identifying these speakers!

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Listed as Legacy Audio speakers, but no info on age or model. Assume they are vintage. Any Legacy buffs out there that can help me?
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They certainly appear older. Though the font seems to match the modern "Legacy" brand, and the layout shows some relationship to modern Legacy speakers, the use of a 3-way with a dome isn't something I'm seeing them do on the speakers on the internets.
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They very much resemble these Reel to Real (later became Legacy Audio) speakers I found online, so I suspect if they are real Legacy's, they are very early models.
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they are legacy 2's, I believe. Sold for around $1500. Earlier models had a white woofer(Eminance, I think) and then sometime in the nineties was replaced with the black Eclipse woofer. The company was founded as Real to Reel Designs and later changed to Legacy Audio. The Legacy Audio sticker above the binding posts suggest to me that they were built in the 90's.y Legacy 1/s' (which I purchased while employed there) bear the Reel to Real sticker above the binding posts. I will look around for old literature and perhaps be a bit more helpful to you.

The folks at Legacy Audio are second to none. I was just there yesterday (2/16/13) to purchase some replacement 6' Seas drivers which I have not been able to find anywhere on the net and have been discountinued. They had 'em! They are were very helpful and extremely enthusiastic about helping me.
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on another note, DKM's are from the late 80's. an interesting note....the gold plated sticker (yes, it's real gold) would actually short out the binding posts if not placed carefully
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Dunno: but the failure to flush-mount is a big no-no.
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